Aeroplane Hit By Lightning Today Watch The Video

There is amazing video suddenly Thunderstorm Strikes Airplane this incident was caught in tape by the god’s grace one injured, before seeing video we had to know about it. From our childhood everyone know about thunder storm it is part of the nature. Mostly they appear in rainy season. But so many of us don’t know about thunder storm, here we tried to explain how it works. If we ask our elders that they said that from air a big fire ball fall on earth but that is not true. Actually it is a shock wave in air occurs by the sudden thermal expansion of the plasma. The temperature during thunder storm is about average 20,400k (20,100 o; 36,300oF). When compared to natural destruction like hurricanes and winter storms, Thunder storm affects small area as per the scientific records with in a average time of 30 minutes 1800 thunder storms occurs around the world wide. For one year approximately 16 million thunder storms occurs each year worldwide.

Thunder storms are dangerous mostly it attracts to open areas like grounds, agricultural lands and in any open areas but here Thunderstorm Strikes Airplane. The lightening contains of high amount of electricity that easily kills anyone who are near to them. Thunder storm kills more compared to tornadoes. Not only it harmful to living beings every year it damages million dollars of property and forest around the world. In an average 93 deaths and 300 injuries reported national wide. According to the NOAA – National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration one major property damage entered into the records that in the year April 10, 2001  occurred in Kansas City it damaged the property around $ 2 billion property in Indian rupees around RS 132826900000/- (Thirteen thousand two hundred and eighty two crore and sixty nine lakhs).

Thunder sound is heard at distances over 20 kilometers. It appears with a bright flash of lightning and an almost simultaneous lightening sharp “crack” of thunder in a sky. Usually after a thick flash appear within a few seconds we listen to the thunder sound. When thunder storm fallen very near to us the amount of sound is very high. Here someone recording an airplane suddenly Thunderstorm Strikes Airplane watch this video below to see thunderstorm strikes airplane.