Amazing Facts About India No One Knows About

#10 Floating Stone At Tamilnadu

This Floating Stone Is Really So Mysterious… None Of The Scientists Are Able To Prove The Scientfic Reasons Of This Stone’s behaviour. This Mysterious Stone Can Be Seen At Rameshwaran Tamilnadu

#9 Red Rain In Kerala

The Kerala red rain phenomenon was a blood rain event that occurred from 25 July to 23 September 2001, when heavy downpours of red-coloured rain fell sporadically on the southern Indian state of Kerala, staining clothes pink. Yellow, green, and black rain was also reported.

#8 Taj Mahal Replica

The Bibi Ka Maqbara  is a tomb located in Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India. It was built by Azam Shah,son of Aurangzeb, in 1678 in memory of his mother, Dilras Banu Begum (posthumously known as Rabia-ud-Daurani).It bears a striking resemblance to the famous Taj Mahal, the mausoleum of his grandmother, Mumtaz Mahal. Aurangzeb was not very interested in architecture, though he had built the small, but elegant, Pearl Mosque at Delhi. The Bibi Ka Maqbara was the largest structure that he had to his credit.

#7 Indian Mummy

#6 Hanging Pillar At Lepakshi

#5 Land Of Snakes

#4 Temple Of Rats

#3 Village Without Doors

#2 Late of Skeletons

#1 Leviating Stone