Boy Miss Behaving With Girl In Bus – Caught On Camera

This Incident Happened In Mumbai,A Boy Was Miss Behaving With An Aunt In Bus,He Was Trying To Touch Her Here And There. He Pressed Her Shoulder Once The Women Warned Him But Still Second Time He Tried To Do The Same,This Time Women Lost Her Temper And Started To Fight Back With Him.

She Was So Angry And Started Scolding And Questing Him Whats the Problem,As The Public Also Supported Her And Decided To Teach Him A Lesson They Said The Women To Punish Him.

Atlast The Boy Was Handed Over To Nearest Police Station And Was Sentenced To Sever Punishment & 2 Months Prisonment 🙂

If Something Is Going Wrong Around You, Plz Try To Stand Front For The Justice & Call The Nearest Police Station For Assit –

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