Disco Dancer Ride Near Chennai Crashes

The 20 workers at an amusement park near Chennai called Kishkinta were on a break, trying out a ride called the Disco Dancer. And then the coaches of the giant wheel – like a mega tea cup that tilts from one side to the other – came crashing down from a height of nearly 15 feet

A joy ride at a theme park ended on a tragic note as one person was killed and nine injured in Chennai on Thursday, following which the proprietor and manager were arrested on charges of negligence.This incident occured at Theme park near Suburan Thamaran on wednesday.Police said that they have arrested the proprietor and the manager.Who are going to take the responsibility over this incident?Neither the government nor the management are talking over this incident.One was killed in this incident.Who is going to help his family? and no any guarantee in the future for this type of incidents to occur.