Finally Proper Medicine Has Been Discovered For AIDS

Good news to aids patience Finally doctors created a new medicine for aids which can cure the disease totally. At present the medicine is in trail run and the doctors says the results are amazing. This medicine is an extract from a snake which is found only in brazil and Doctors are trusting this will cure the disease for sure.

Name of this medicine is Crotalus Horridus  and it is a Homeopathic medicine. This medicine has been used on patience since 2 years. To check the total Power of this medicine and side effects doctors has tested this medicine on 3900 Patiences. These trails are being tested at Ramanthapur Government Homeopathic College, Hyderabad and Results of this medicine just stunned all the doctors.

12 patience got totally cured from HIV virus and In others 95 %  CD4 count Increased, Reports says this medicine has been also used to Cure Ebola Virus.