Fraud at Bharat Petrol Pump || See How They Are Cheating Us

How petrol pump works in India and how you pay more for less Petrol !!!!
Incident happened on 22/9/2015
Bharat petroleum pump (Amar automobiles ) near Matunga (maheshwari udyan circle ) Mumbai .The workers who fill petrol are cheating customers . Cheats in filling a small amount such as even 60/- rupee fuel. I asked them to fill 100/ Rs- fuel, a person before me filled 60/Rs- fuel , started to blame that the meter reading reached 0-60 /Rsin one second . When it was my turn for fuel he did some sort of setting in the machine by which the amount reached 0-17/Rs in less than one second and the meter reading doesnt work properly . and then switched to other machine and started filling. A suitable warning may be issued for this action which actually is amounting to cheating the customers. this can easily be a scam worth thousands of crores rupees, provided there are thousands of petrol pumps in country and millions fill up petrol everyday. The best measure to fight against this is to spread this information to more and more people you know and also be attentive and alert while you are filling up petrol or diesel in your vehicle.

Have you ever come across this fraud has it happened with you ?

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