Jayalalithaa responds well to treatment, say Doctors


On 22nd of Sep TamilNadu CM Jaylalitha Has Been Appointed At Apollo Hospital Facing Severe Health Problem,From the Day She Got Appointed There Is No Updates About Her Health Condition. As She Has A Huge Fan Following The Fans Are Worried About Her Health Condition

As The Days Are Going On There Are Still No Updates From The Hospital Department,This Made Party Members So Angry and The Members Of Her Party Started Demanding The Govt & Hospital Authorities To Show The Pics Of The CM

The Whole State Is Waiting For The Response From The Hospital Department, The Authorities Gave An Update About Her Health And Said ” She Is Totally Fine And She Is Able To Talk With Us”

If That Is True Why The Authorities Are Not Giving A Single Pic Or a Small Footage Of Her Which Is Being Demanded By Her Followers?

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