Kiron, a Two-headed Boy Born in Bangladesh

Kiron, a two-headed boy, was born on August 25 in the Muslims-dominated South Asia’s Bangladesh. The newly-born kid, weighing 5.5 kilograms, was given the birth via the Caesarean-section by his 22-year-old mother in the small town Keshobpur, about 140 kilometers away from the country’s capital Dhakah.

According to gynaecologist Mohamad Abdul Bari, Kiron developed from one embryo but due to a developmental anomaly he got two heads. Other than that, the little totter has one stomach, one genital organ, four limbs and can eat normally with his two mouths.

This is not the first time RC featured a two-headed baby. Two years ago, we had a post on Indonesia baby girl Syafitri (picture) who was also born with an extra head. To our concern, since then, we did not hear anything about her.

Update: Two-headed baby Kiron passed away after he was taken home because his parents could not pay the expensive fees for the medical care in the hospital.