Modi New Year Beer Offer Each Beer At Only 31 Rupees

A pub, with several branches across India, has turned a much-talked-about drinking game into reality, offering beerat just Rs 31 every time Prime Minister Narendra Modi says “Mitron” during his speech on the evening of Saturday, December 31.

It is in preparation for this speech of his that a nationwide hospitality chain is offering beer at a heavily discounted rate on Saturday. Social, owned by Impresario Hospitality, is offering beer at the reduced price from 7:30 pm to 8 pm on Saturday at all its outlets all across India every time Modi says “Mitron” in his speech.

An employee at Social told International Business Times, India, that the beer on offer is a pint of Kingfisher Premium, and people can avail this offer a maximum of three times. The offer also includes a shot of Gin sweet and sour for Rs 31 as well.