Pure Gold Found In Cow’s Urine


Cow Is Worshipped As A Godess By Hindu’s In India, Cow Plays A Very Important Role In Hindu Culture. It Is Said That Cow’s Urine Can Cure Many Health Diseases and Also Cow’s Urine Has Many Anti-biotics.

Our Ancestor Used To Say That Cows Urine Has Gold But Its Never Proved!!


So Scientists Decided To Test The Urine Of The Cows and Started Experimenting On 5-10 Village Cows In Junagad Agricultral University In Gujarat. The Results Stunned The Scientists.

After Testing It Was Found That 1 Ltr Of Cows Urine Is Having Gold Of 5 – 10 Mg.

The University Scientists Also Stated That They have Also Tested The Same Process On Dogs,Goats,Camels But They Found Nothing In Them