Real Mermaids Found In India Report By TV9

Real life mermaid footage of mermaid caught on tape in the Philippines. 2015 Documentary as seen on Animal Planet and Discovery Channel.
Is this real evidence of a mermaid caught on video by tourists in the Philippines Letts find out on Hoax Factor?

Hoax Factor Fan and Subscriber V Wilson sent me this comment on our Real Mermaid Born video.

WTF?!!! Did you see the video of the Mermaid in the Philippines? Is this real?

I started to do some research to find out what he was talking about when I finally came across this story posted just weeks ago

According to the website Today In Manila, the footage was shot at London Beach which is located in General Santos city in the Philippines and shows what appears to be a mermaid swimming away.

The site also reported that the video was uploaded on Facebook by Jovelyn Balinas and of course has since gone viral.

So is this a real life mermaid or not?

The ocean is a mysterious place and is considered by man to be the real final frontier.
The ocean covers over 70% of the earth and drives our weather, regulates temperature and helps to support all living organisms, but we have justexplored a measly 5% of it….5%

Marine engineer and submarine designer Graham Hawkes stated the importance of ocean exploration in about the most polite way he could muster…
(edit in ted talk video here)
“Your rockets are pointed in the wrong goddamn direction!”
Now of course he designs Submarines for a living, so he does have a financial stake in all this…but he goes on to make a very valid point…
The unexplored oceans hold mysteries more compelling, environments more challenging, and life-forms more bizarre than anything the vacuum of space has to offer. Plus, it’s cheaper to go down than up