Sasikala Pushpa and Trichy Siva new leaked images

On Monday, Sasikala Pushpa, the AIADMK Rajya Sabha MP made an exception to the unwritten rule of her party — make a bowing reverential reference to her leader J Jayalithaa as ‘Puratchithalaivi Amma’. What she said in Parliament on Monday during Zero Hour shall be used as a test case on internal functioning of political parties with source based information and leaks pointing to wheels within wheels of this given situation.

Sasikala has now been expelled from her party. Her expulsion, for bringing disrepute to the party, was announced minutes after she made her statement on the floor of the House in Rajya Sabha. But that should make her happy because she remains an MP, though “unattached”, till her term ends in April 2020.

An unsung MP from Tamil Nadu till three days back, Sasikala became known to the wider world when she hit the headlines for thrashing an MP, Tiruchi Siva, from rival DMK at security check at IGI airport in New Delhi, because she claimed the MP from the other party had exceeded all limits in criticising Amma and her government. Interestingly, while this incident took place in full public view, neither of them complained to the police. Siva missed that flight, which he was supposed to take with Sasikala for Chennai and took another flight.