Secrets of Dwaraka Gujrath Under Sea Pictures Lord Krishna Unseen Video

Secrets of Dwaraka Gujrath Under Sea Pictures Lord Krishna Unseen Video

Real Proof of Mahabharatha | Dwaraka City Found Under the Sea

This video shows the real Existence of God in Hinduism, Even NASA confirmed the same that the Dwaraka City under the sea of Gujarat is around 12000 Years ago which given a proof for Lord Krishna’s Existence on Earth

Secrets of Dwaraka : Dwarka gujrat’s under sea pictures. Proof for Mahabharata lord krishna’s lost city found under sea which is estimated to be at least 12000 years old.

Dwarka (Dvarka, Dwaraka, or Dvaraka, is a city in Gujarat state in India). Dwarka also known as Dwarawati in Sanskrit literature is rated as one of the seven most ancient cities in the country. The legendary city of Dvaraka was the dwelling place of Lord Krishna. It is believed that due to damage and destruction by the sea, Dvaraka has submerged six times and modern day Dwarka is the 7th such city to be built in the area. According to Hindu legend the god Krishna built a city which was ultimately destroyed by rising sea levels. Now archaeologists and Indian Navy divers are investigating underwater ruins at Dwarka on India’s western coast, said to be Krishna’s city. The new efforts, it is hoped, will settle the debate currently raging over the age and authenticity of the site near the Samudranaraya temple. Divers have collected blocks and samples which will now be dated. Traditional Hindu scholars referencing ancient Hindu scriptures believe the location to be very ancient, originally built many thousands of years ago. Such notions are, of course, vehemently rejected by establishment scientists though they are willing to concede that there is evidence indicating an age of as much as 3500 years.