This Is The Most Funny Indian Marriage Ever

Marriage is said to be one of the joiest occasions in one’s life But joy isn’t exact which can describe this man’s mood. Forget being happy this groom is light years away from even smiling Afterall he’s supposed to marry someone who needed not wanted to get married to but that does not mean that he did not love her.

Jagdesh was in relationship with lakshmi for the past 10 years. A flowrist by profession he refused to marry lakshmi, Residence of the area gave him a good beating when they came to know about it. They got married at a temple as you can see jagdesh wasn’t ready for the marriage , Infact everyone otherthan him was seen happy at the cermony.

Jagdesh is also alleged to kidnap lakshmi 4 years ago,He’s said to drop her back to home the next day. The police does not know the reason why he did so. He went absconding soon after droping her and he was not seen again until recently