Water Powered Car Created by A Telugu Guy In Hyderabad

Water Powered Car Created by Sunder in hyderabad. He said to media that this car gives very good mileage of 1500 km per liter. For this he struggled for 9 years to manufacture this water kit. It is very eco-friendly cars which runs with petrol or diesel it will release more carbon dioxide. But this car release oxygen by this it will not harm to our nature. This is most innovative product from Sunder. Government should encourage people like him to introduce such a master pieces in future. The patent right on this kit was given to him. He said that this kit will runs the engine of the car with out any single repair for 10 years. It will cost up to 10 lakhs depending up on the engine of the car. Share this kind of people to inspire others to do some thing like this products before. Once again we will congratulates MR Sunder for this master piece gifted to common people.

In this video, he explained how his car works using water. He also said Oxygen will be exhausted instead of CO, Co2 & will not harm any citizen.