Zee Telugu Omkaram Devisri Guruji Srungara Dharshanam

Zee Telugu Omkaram Devisri Guruji is the famous swamiji in Telugu, presently he is doing a program in zee Telugu and the program is omkaram. With this program he is very famous throughout the andhrapradesh. But there is another angle in him. No body knows about his another angle it is came out earlier but no one taken care about it, all the people are believing even now. Coming to the Zee Telugu Omkaram Devisri Guruji Another Angle, Firstly as swamiji he has done well but later on some believers of him have got doubt on him, for this they saw his bed room secretly, by seeing what is happening they got shock. Swamiji is with a women doing sx. How ever this video footage had come out in 2014. By seeing this all the people in Kannada and also police men beaten him hardly.

Omkaram guruji was arrested by the police men. The police men also taken much care on him by beating him in jail they beated him by removing clothes. After to this incident he got bail, With this incident he decided to change his place, For this he came to Hyderabad from Karnataka. He changed every thing about him, he got good name in hyderabad as swamiji with this inspiration he started his carrer as swmiji who can solve the problems of people. with his talent he started to do a program in Zee Telugu, which is presently running in zee tv. This is Zee Telugu Omkaram Devisri Guruji Another Angle, So you have to decide whether to believe him or not. To see the Zee Telugu Omkaram Devisri Guruji Another Angle, how he arrested and video footage is below